PNR Status

What is PNR?

PNR stands for passenger name record, A person who plans to travel anywhere in India via train, he books a ticket from the Indian railway. After booking confirmation Indian Railway provides the PNR Number to the passenger which contain the plenty of information i.e. booking status, passenger name, date of journey, train name and number, boarding point, reservation up to, seat and coach information against the provided PNR Number by Indian railway. If the seat is confirmed then a birth number and coach number declared on the ticket. if the seat is not available on the train then it allocates seat in RAC quota or provides the number of position in the waiting list. whenever any passenger canceled their ticket then their vacant seat allocated to the passenger who is in RAC quota or in WL(waiting list). It is difficult for the passenger to get the notification on seat confirmation so in that case, passengers need to check their PNR status in a certain interval to get the final Status of their PNR.

How to check PNR Status?

Indian railway provides the 10 digit PNR Number which mentioned on the ticket. Simply put that number in the above input box and click on the button to get the Current PNR Status. The result will be shown in the tabular format below the form. you can check many PNR Status which you have, there is no limit for getting PNR Status from this website provided by Indian railway.

How PNR works for passengers?

Website of the ministry of the indian railway is being managed by The center of railway information systems known as CRIS. CRIS provides the only one PNR Number against each ticket which is 10 digits numeric value. Indian railway ticket can be taken from the official website of IRCTC (Indian railway catering and tourism corporation), Private travel website, Paytm, Android app, IOS app and from any ticket counter of the railway station. The insurance company provides the insurance of the passengers via this PNR Number.

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